A team of Content Creators and esports players.

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About Us

Content Creation and esports are our specialties.

We are an Stream Team mainly focused on Twitch. We all create content for different platforms such as, Twitter, and YouTube. In 2020 we are going into the esports scene.

  • - Creators
  • - Streamers
  • - VALORANT amateur team
Meet The Owners

Andrew, "C3AGLE"

Owner, Streamer

Andrew is the owner of Dizzy. He is mainly a streamer.


Matt, "mmatt"

Co-Owner, Manager, Founder, Streamer, Graphics Designer

Matt is the manager and Co-Owner of the team. He streams and does most of the behind the scenes management on Dizzy, aswell as the front end. He created the team back when it was called LaZy.

Contact us.

You can contact us by going to our Twitter and Direct Messaging us, and we can reach out to you on email.

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